Shake Things Up!

Shake your phone, say something like: "I am hungry" or "I have a date". Our app will suggest or craft somthing just for you to do. You don't like what you got? Shake it up again, and don't worry, overtime our app will learn what makes you click.

Want to Get Little Specific?

Fine. Choose a category from the home page, and our app will craft somthing from that category. If you click "Family", for example, you will get family friendly suggestions. Don't like it? Shake it up again, untill everyone is happy. Or at least you!

You Can See the Future

Shake it up doesn't have to be for here and now. You can shake it up for the future too! We can help you make plans like a "date" or a "night out with friends". Just Shake it up, and add to your calendar. If you keep reading you can learn about group events and shared notifications.

Shake it up: Fun

Alive was coded to take the top of Google search results. It has everything what it needs to make your product easy to find.

Shake it up: Outdoors

You go for a run every day? You play basketball on weekend? That is just great, but we think it's time to shake it up a bit.

Shake it up: Games

We will help you make a choice, or make one for you. From the most popular board game to the most talked about MMO. We hint and you say yes! Or just Shake it up again. No hard feeling.

Shake it up: Family

Somtimes you have to be selfless, so let us guide you to a fun journey of family inclusion. We can suggest indoor and outdoor activity that is fun for everone.

Shake it up: Romantic

Don't just go on a date, Shake it up! Any hey if you both use our app, maybe we got some intell on what would be good for the both of you ;) (Coming soon)

Shake it up: Groups

Somtimes it's a "Bar Crawl", lets up keep you orgnized while we suggest a cool route of endless fun (Coming soon)


Let's Shake it up!
So What does this app do again?

Lunch Time at the Office

So, you are at the office, and few of you want to grab some lunch. You ask your peers, what you guys are in the mood for? All you hear is "Whatever".

You on the other hand are not like everyone else. So you say "No. Let's Shake it up!"And voila! Oh, they didn't like it? Well shake it up as many times as you need. You can even do it the whole hour if you would like and call it "Shaking up Lunch Together".

Let's Watch a Movies

Shake it up to get awsome suggestion on movies playing near you. As a group, you can look at it as rolling the dice, that would definitly break a tie.

No, no movie theater for you today? Well, we can suggest something awsome for you to watch at home from NETFLIX®'s top national movie playlist.


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